Wealthy Affiliate, 2018 How to be the best affiliate marketer you can possible be.

I want to tell you more about one of the very best things I have come across while being on this journey of building up this site and trying to find more ways of making a bit more money.

Make a website

When you go online and research how to make money online or making cash from home etc one suggestion that always comes up is to make a webpage. So you make a webpage about something that you are genuinely interested in and then you write write write. The more the better. This is not a quick solution or really an easy one even if it might sound easy at first. It will take time. It will take research, it will take spellchecks and perseverance and a bit of passion too.

I decided to try it, and a lot of other things but this page isn’t about those other things *smile

So I boldly went where nobody has gone before..erm wait, no I didn’t. I started up a webpage. I struggled with the built-in builder and after a bit, I decided to try another. The next one I liked a lot better but now I realized something new. It can get pricey to build up a webpage. This web host was free but very limited. To actually get to do anything good you had to upgrade to a monthly paying version. I really think stuff like that should be crystal clear from the start. I mean I understand that they are a business looking to make their money too and I don’t mind as long as I know all along what the rules are, you know? Also, you’ll probably need a domain.

So there I am, total beginner at making a ‘proper’ website. I found pretty much  unlimited information online but spread out and all over the place and it was making me lose focus on what I was trying to do with this page. And that is when it happened. While I was researching how to do it I came across a website built by a Wealthy Affiliate member.


Wealthy Affiliate nice to meet you!!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you almost get another family. You get a big community of people that are all here working to succeed and that want you to do the same. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was the one for me. It feels very safe to jump headfirst into a venture like this when you get as much support as you do here at Wealthy Affiliate. We are all different. Some may do really well on their own without any support or guidance but as for me, I needed this place.

I love how there are lessons that show you step by step what to do. I love the enormous collective knowledge that is available from people that know what they are talking about. And I love how everybody is welcomed into the gang.

I mean look at this for instance.

Alright, there’s more to making a good website than all that, but hey its very nice. Check here for more info or to join up

But here are the facts and numbers

As you can see you get 7 free days to try it all out. The free account doesn’t run out after the 7 days either. You can remain a free member for as long as you want actually. But the 7-day countdown is for a discount on your first month as a premium member. If you upgrade to premium during those first 7 days then your first month as a premium member costs 19$.

I like that it’s all out in the open, how much it costs. What you get for your money. If you look at it you get a lot as a premium member.  And if you want the best money value and can afford it then pay yearly ( 359$ )  which is 39% saving vs paying monthly (49$).They actually haven’t changed the pricing since they started the programme in 2005.

So here’s what you get :

  • 50 Websites
  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Website Backup
  • Website Security Package
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  •  Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Live Video Classes
  •  Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool-(Unlimited Searches)
  • Training Classrooms-((12)
  •  Affiliate Program-(2x Higher Payout)’Earn while you learn’
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Private Access to Owners
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

That’s a lot of good stuff in my opinion. Comparable hosting alone can be up to 250$ per month  I like that the prices have remained the same for 12 years. Another thing I like is that Kyle and Carson that started and run Wealthy affiliate are very much involved and approachable for all members ( They actually started Wealthy Affiliate as a College project ). There are over 1400 000 members now and many of them with a lot of experience and wisdom they are happy to share. On average 1out of 8 upgrades to yearly, depending on the affiliate, and 12% of all free Starter referrals end up going Premium.


To be completely honest with you all

I love being an affiliate here at Wealthy Affiliate and learning while I’m earning but I have promised to be honest with you guys. If any of you follow my link to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up that would make me really happy.Both for your sake and for mine. Even if you join as a free member I would still be happy because you got to join this really great community because of me sharing my story with you and that gives me a warm feeling inside. If you decided to become a premium member well then I would earn some money from that, and that would also make me happy and warm inside for both our sakes 🙂  FULL DISCLOSURE!!

I have read a gazillion reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and I would say its been 99.98 % positive.

The only negative opinion I have come across was that if you are premium and quit then you can’t start up again as a free member, you have to rejoin as a premium member.

I thought I should mention it so that you know all the facts and can make a choice based on that. the way I see it tho is  -what do you have to lose by trying it for free?

Click here if you want to try it out for size.






More thoughts about FutureNet and FutureAdPro

I wanted to talk a little more about FutureNet and FutureAdPro

I’m a big fan of facebook groups. Some of them are a great way of getting to know things from other peoples point of view. Like in this case from actual investors in FutureNet rather than just reading information from the company itself. I feel more comfortable with information I get from “real ” people rather than the testimonials you see on many web pages about how much so and so has made with this or that method.

There is a really good group about FutureNet That I really like Íts an excellent source of information from people that are actually invested in FutureNet and are enjoying the benefits from that.

The other night in this group I saw more than one person saying they had actually got enough income through their  FutureNet investments to quit their full-time jobs. To me, that just sounds so great. Having that kind of freedom and choice. Do I want to work full time or maybe part-time or at all? Or do I want to find a job that suits me better?  Maybe things are great just the way they are but still having a choice is great.

I personally believe in FutureNet and plan to keep buying adpacks and upgrading my matrix when I can.

Its an almost passive income and if you reinvest what you make on your adpacks it’s an easy way to grow a nest egg.

FutureNet has 12 million members all over the world. They have projects ongoing in over 100 countries.

They even have three restaurants. ( FutureNet restaurants )

and a FutureNet Foundation and sports teams and many other projects.

The most important thing for making money online is traffic..imagine how much traffic/revenue facebook gets with its two billion users. Or What’s app with 1.3 etc. Unlike them and many others, FutureNet shares about 80% of its revenue with its members. That’s pretty impressive I think.

There is actually so much talk about FutureNet that its 2 on Alexa.

My advice to you

If you after reading this feel like you want to try it I just want to give you some advice:

Never Invest more than you can afford to lose. Don’t buy adpacks with your rent money *wink
Spread the risk and investments. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

Join FutureNet Club by registering for free here: FutureNetClub

And then register for free  here using the same details: FutureAdPro

I recommend that you buy at least 2 Adpacks and buy into the 10 $-matrix to get started earning money.


Suggestion 1:

2 Adpacks and the 10$-matrix, total investment 110$


Suggestion 2:

10 Adpacks and 10, 25 & 50$-matrixes total investment  585$


Suggestion 3:

20 Adpacks and the 10, 25, 50 & 100$-matrixes, total investment1 185$,

You can put any amount you want ofc, these suggestions are just to get you started with two important parts of FutureNet.

To transfer money to FutureNet I recommend Netteller. Here is a link to that: Netteller

Welcome and good luck!


Money saving tips

How to earn extra money at home

Refund web pages and apps

There are so many of them but why not use one or more of them and get money back when you buy things online.

Here are some examples:

  • Cashbackworld 

Cashback World s an international  Shopping Community which gives its members up to 5 % Cashback for the purchase sum and Shopping Points when you buy from their partner companies. You can use your  Shopping Points in Shopping Point Deals from partner companies to get really nice deals or discounts.

It is free to join and there is an app for your phone too.

You can have a  look at them here: Cashbackworld

Heres an example from the Swedish version of Cashback World.

As you can see you will get 4% cashback. So if you buy a pair of glasses or lenses you will get 4 % of the total cost back afterward through Cashback World. And you also get 4 shopping points that you can keep saving up for a nice deal.

  •  another similar site/app for Swedes is Refunder and  Bonusway SE. There are even more of them but those three are the ones I have tried. There are lots of these refund programmes all over the world so be sure to find one you like and use them. There is money to be made ( or saved), especially on the big things. I mean let’s say you are going on holiday with your family and you book the hotel through a cashback programme, 5% or whatever the rate might be on the site you use can add up to quite a lot of money.

Matsmart (Another Swedish tip, sorry all non-Swedes)

Ok so this is a great site, Their idea is to “give food a second chance”. Here in Sweden, we have very very high demands on everything being quality and fresh and that’s good of course. Nobody wants old bad food of course but certain food items last quite a bit longer than what the sell-by date in the package says. At matsmart, they sell food that would otherwise have been thrown away. Mostly it’s because of overproduction, sometimes its food that is near its sell-by date or that the company selling it is changing the packaging etc.

They sell mostly things that keep really well like spices and pasta and flour etc

I have bought a lot of stuff from them and never ever had anything that was bad quality or bad in any way so I think its a really good site to get all that stuff you keep in your cupboards.


Have a look online, chances are there are similar websites in your country.

The sweatcoin app

Sweatcoin the app that pays you to get fit.

That’s the basic idea behind Sweatcoin, they hope to get people moving more.

You get rewarded in sweatcoins and unless you are very big on long walks and exercise you will never get rich from this app but it is free to use it and you can use your collected sweatcoins to buy things through the app. The offers vary.

It can drain your phone battery a little quicker, and it’s not always great at counting up your steps. I’ve tried it bot with ios and android and I think it seems to work a little better on android when it comes to measuring your steps.

Some people sell their accumulated sweatcoins for cash and the creators of the app think that’s ok, they just hope to inspire people to get moving and healthier.

It’s an easy app to use and you can invite all your friends and compete with them ( if you want).

???? Sweatcoin


Pay To Click / Get Paid To

There actually is money to be made here but over time. it’s not a get rich quick solution, but have a look at the strategy videos.

ClixSense is a GPT page, there are different ways to make money.

  • Viewing advertisements
  • Taking part in paid surveys
  • Doing micro tasks
  • Completing offers
  • Playing Clixgrid
  • Referring Others

Join ClixSense here

Personally, I don’t like ClixSense much because there are too many surveys and I’m just so tired of answering a million questions and then be told I’m not what they need for that survey… To much wasted time.

Scarlet Clicks is another GPT page, its been in business since 2009.

Join Scarlet Clicks here

Neobux has alot of buzz about it being good, there are alot of youtube videos where people talk about how much money they have made from it.

“Best? That’s easy. Neobux. If you put in the time to build up your rental referrals, you can be making several hundred a month within a year. Don’t take my word for it, Google and YouTube are filled with payment proofs, many showing relatively high payouts.” according to one user I talked to.

He says ” you don’t have to go out begging friends and family for referrals. You can rent referrals and that is the secret to high payments.”. Well, I dont know but Ill give it a try. It’s been running for 10 years and that’s a good sign.

Click here if you want to try it


Click here to try Ojoo


Click here to try Gptplanet






Do you want in on a potentially good thing?

More and more recently I have been hearing this new social programme mentioned, Webtalk.

Try it and try it now

Ok, so what is it about?

Webtalk was created by a guy by the name of  RJ Garbowicz in 2011.

Its a nice mix of both business and social.

As you start setting it up it looks like this, not very different from your Facebook profile I suppose. However, one nice feature is that when you add contacts you can sort them into personal and professional. So let’s say you are on holiday in Ibiza and got drunk and tattooed a very unfortunate tramp stamp and want to share a pic of that with your friends but the last thing in the world you want is for your boss to see it..then no problem.

I like that… No longer a need for multiple accounts *wink


You can make a dollar for every referral you make and also 1 dollar for the first five people that they refer.

Check out this video that describes it much better than I can.


So webtalk is currently free but there is an upcoming premium version too but you can remain a free member forever, so you don’t have to upgrade.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? Its certainly creating a buzz on Alexa and talk about Webtalk

Right now webtalk is invite only…

But I would love for you to join me there to check it out,

 So you are hereby cordially invited

You are invited to Webtalk




Side jobs

Do you make money online or on the side of your “day job”? Do you have any hot tips to share? Please feel free to comment and or share ideas.

Little side jobs /extras

So I want this site to help people all over the world, but I myself live in Sweden so I guess I know a little more about what’s available around here. but I’ll post a bit both about what you can do here and more internationally.

1. Lionbridge

This has been a good one for me. Not a lot of money but some and they are very good and honest and pay.

Lionbridge exists everywhere I think. They were founded in 1996 and do quite a few different things.

I first started doing little tasks for them when somebody recruited Swedish speakers on Facebook.

The jobs I have done so far have been things like looking at 100 pictures and writing in Swedish what I see or filling in a missing word in a Swedish sentence. So it is about languages. Not long ago I got offered a job that would last a few months a few hours a day which would have been fab but it turned out my Swedish grammar was just not good enough for that particular job. But if you are good at your language and/or grammar I really recommend looking into if they have any spare jobs for you.

Lionbridge has different language clouds on a website called * workmarket’.

Its a big list with lots of languages. I would advise you to join workmarket and browse these labor clouds and join the ones that fit you. When I joined the Swedish cloud there was a test to take to show my Swedish skills. So you should join up and take the tests and then you are in the cloud ready whenever they need, for example, Spanish speaker.

Heres links for workmarket and Lionbridge, Swedish voice collection.

Good luck


Daymaker is a Swedish company that provides mystery shoppers. the name *Daymaker* comes from ‘making someone’s day’. They want every customer to have a good shopping experience so with mystery shoppers they find out just how the customer feels after visiting this or that store.

The jobs vary between visiting a pharmacy or a car dealer to booking appointments to the optician or visiting a taxfree store at the airport or getting a burger from a ‘burger joint’.

You get very specific instructions and then you report back how you experienced it all.

It doesn’t pay big but it’s not a very hard job and it might be quite fun even.



Uber is an American company and such a great idea but here in Sweden its only available in the three biggest cities Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö. And it is only legal if you have a license to drive a taxi and your car has to be registered as a taxi but not have a taxi light/sign on the roof. The car has to be in good condition without any damages. The electric windows and air conditioning has to work too and it cant be a van. It cant have been rebuilt or in a crash.

But if you have a car that is in good condition and you have a taxi license then you are good to go.

The requirements mentioned above is for Sweden: Find out what the rules are in your country by clicking the link below.

But I doubt that anywhere but Scandinavia will require you to have a taxi license.

List of Uber cities

Drive for Uber




So lots and lots of cities and countries where driving Uber is a potential extra job.


Much like Uber an American company and you drive people around.

You have to be 21 and have a smartphone…and you get bonus points for good music.

Lyft also has a car rental partner service so you can drive one of their cars.

Lyft is only available in the USA and Canada.

Here is a list of all cities that have Lyft: Lyft cities

And here is the link to apply to become a Lyft driver: Drive for Lyft



I have to mention Cabify too. Just like Uber and Lyft but this time a Spanish company and available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Equador, Mexico, Panama,  Peru, Portugal, and Spain.

Drive for Cabify


If you are a bit creative then Fiverr might be a great place for you.

At Fiverr there are a lot of things you can do. Write somebody’s blog post, be an influencer, do a jingle or translate…lots of creative areas.

When you join you create an add offering your services, Its a good idea to start low and then as your ratings go up you can raise your price

Heres an example of an add:

I think Fiverr looks like a great sidekick for anybody with creativity so go check it out.

Fiverr in Sweden



Facebook groups

There are good facebook groups to join.

A good one for Swedes is Proactive research here’s an example from their page:


Another good group is cloudworkers who have chat lines all over and look for people speaking various languages to work from home, here is an example from them:


Ok so app no 1 is for Swedes again..I’m sorry guys I have just researched what’s available here in Sweden the most.

It is called BeMyEye.

This one is a small little task

s like taking a photo of the smoothie section in the fridge at your local supermarket.

Download it here: BeMyEye


And a tip for Americans, check out CoinOut.

This idea for this app was presented on shark tank the tv show.

Basically, you scan receipts, from almost anywhere, the payout per receipt usually vary between 0.01 – 0.20 dollars.

It’s not much but the more receipts you scan the more you earn.


More updates on this to come…always



Scam website list

Review of *http://gamoney.pw/*

I don’t know how or why but during my attempts to browse through the internet I stumbled over the site ” Gamoney.pw”.

At first glance, it looked like your typical PTC ( paid to click) sites. They want you to watch ads.

So you get a page with some adds on, at the top, there is a box where you have to put in 4 numbers to confirm you’ve seen the page/ adds. Funny coz you don’t actually really look at the adds at all, just the box and numbers.

Anyway, they say you get 10 cents per page so do that ten times you’ve got a dollar.

So I thought ok…this is obviously a scam but ok I’ll give it a go. I’m gonna click until I’ve got five dollars and then cash out to test it.

That doesn’t take long BUT when I click to get paid a box pops up that says something along the lines of *Sorry but the first time you cash out you have to have 150 dollars because we want to keep you with us for a long time*.

Ok so by then my 99.98 % certainty that it was a scam tipped over to 99.99%.  But… I’m ashamed to admit it but a part of me still wanted it to be true. Clicking up those 5 dollars was really quick. So I thought …ok this is a scam, I know its a scam but I’m still going to click up to 150 dollars just to test it…And a little voice I pretended not to hear said what if its true..making an extra 150 dollars in about an hour or so that would really make a difference for me and many many others.  So even though I totally knew it was a scam I still went ahead *just in case*. They have a page for support with comments like these to tempt you.

I think many of us do this, fall for this temptation. But generally, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

As I’m writing this with the tv on in the background I hear them talking about gamblers anonymous and that’s almost what I feel like when it comes to these get rich fast scams. You know they are scamming you but you still want to try just in case this is that rare unicorn you know, the real one.

After I clicked up 150 dollars I tried to cash out for the second time and that lovely box popped up again saying that I also needed to refer some new peeps ( I can’t remember how many). But that was the end of my straw. They then offer to sell you referrals so that you can check your earned money out.

I may be a *dummy* but I’m not going to buy something from them so that they can pay me.

Thanks but no thanks. An hour or so wasted and feeling embarrassed but maybe a little wiser at least.

The opposite of a scam site

With that awful scam website fresh in mind I just have to tell you all not to lose hope. There are good websites too.

I just want to mention the best of the best that I have come across on my online journey and that is without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate. They will show you step by step how to become an affiliate marketer. There is also a fantastic community at WA, people from around the world to bounce ideas with or be inspired by or learn from.

Heres a link if you want to check it out   Wealthy Affiliate, I can’t recommend them enough. And It’s free to join up and completely up to you if you want to become a premium member.

Update on GaMoney.PW

This website exists under many names and a few different languages.

I’ve bumped into it again as Remoney.PW but from reading about it it has had many names and keeps popping up with new names and with new web addresses but the same nasty fraud. As far as I know its around scamming people in English, Russian and German under various names. So beware.


FutureNet a new type of social plattform and so much more.

FutureNet, FutureAdPro, Futuro coin, the Banner app, and the Future Net matrix


Have you ever thought about how much Facebook makes every year from all us facebook users being active there?

Facebook makes billions of dollars each year by selling ads. All that money goes to their stockholders and us facebook users don’t get a dime.

But now there’s a new social platform with a whole other philosophy, where us users get part of the profits just by using it.

(Its free to join the social platform)

We get paid when we are active and make posts, comment or send messages or play games. I kind of think it feels like a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn.

FutureNet company was established in 2012 and in 2014 they launched the social media platform. During the last 6 years, they have provided 2 new platforms and dozen of products and online services which are used by over 2,5 million community from over 190 countries of the world.

FutureNets goals are to help people develop their business. So the social plattform helps to connect people engaged in multi-level marketing. FutureNet has tools and products to let people use their online potential to the max.

They are the first social media which is fully open-minded for alternative business solutions and cryptocurrencies.

There are many groups on facebook about FutureNet too so if you’re curious and want to talk to other people about it, join a few of them.

If you want to join me and be my FutureNet friend here’s the link: Ronnie

Here is a pretty good video I found on youtube about it all.

I’ve been with FutureNet about 6 months now and I really recommend them but when I research them online I see a lot of people saying they are a scam too.

Personally, I invest in them but whether you want to that is completely up to you.

The Banner app

This is pretty new and so far only available for android I think.

It shows you a quick advert every time you open your phone and you can make up to 5 dollars a week

Heres a link if you want to try it; Banner App

The Matrix

The Matrix that has six entry points. $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1000.

You can choose to start at the lowest matrix and upgrade to the next one as the old one fills. Or you can just buy into all 6 of them at once if you have the money.

$10 Matrix

So this is the Member level and the first matrix. It’s $10 dollars. It fills up at 88,572 people. You earn 10% matching bonus for every member that you personally place under your matrix. And for any person who falls in the matrix either by you or from spill overs from your sponsors, you earn $0.50.

Your Potential income is $44,286 overtime while the company makes $885, 072.

$25 Matrix

Again this is a Basic level and the second matrix. It’s $25 and fills up at the same 88,572 people. You earn 20% matching bonus and for each person falling in your matrix, your earn $1.25.

Your potential income is $110, 715 overtime and the company makes $2,214,000.

$50 Matrix

The Money game continues. Gold Level and third Matrix. It’s $50 and fills up at 88,572 people. You earn 30% matching bonus on your direct referrals and $2.50 for each person that falls under your matrix.

$221, 430 is your potential income overtime in this matrix tree. The company makes $4,428,600.

$100 Matrix

This is the Exclusive level and Forth Matrix. It’s $100 and it fills up at 88,572 people. You earn 50% matching bonus on personal recruits and $5 for each person falling in your matrix.

Your Potential income is $442,860 and the company makes $8,857,200.

$500 Matrix

Sapphire level and fifth matrix. It’s $500 to activate this tree. You earn 50% matching bonus and $25 on each person filling your matrix. Matrix caps at 88,572 people making you $3,020,781 overtime while the company makes $44, 286, 000.

$1000 Matrix

This is the last Royal Matrix. Its $1000 and also fills up at 88,572. Again you earn 50% matching bonus and $50 on each person that fills your matrix.

Your potential income is $7,430,681 overtime.

Futuro Coin

In 2018 they launched their own cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin.

You can buy mining contracts that last for 2 years.

The smallest cost 100 dollars

I haven’t tried mining yet so I’m not going to go into it more right now.


WiiKlii – the wonderful world of fun global quizzes

One of the first things I invested in when I started this quest to find ways to make a bit of money online was Wiiklii.

And what is that you may wonder. Well, let me tell you a little about it.

Global fun quizzes

Wiikli is a platform with global fun quizzes where Customers have the possibility of winning cash prizes from knowledge or Passion. Wiikli will create awareness for the world around us… with high motivation to make a difference. An Affiliate Program based on sales covering what is already there, an amazing global market with many new opportunities. Leaping into the future with many new Products waiting in line and endless possibilities still ahead for you to simply create the visions already set in motion.


The man behind the idea of Wiiklii

The man behind the idea is Geir-Ove Haraldsen from Norway he has planned this for 4-5 years. He is the CEO of the company.

Quizzes are both popular and very large, not least on the internet.
Today there are over 7000 quiz apps.
Most are relatively small, but there are 5-6 that stand out with a customer base of over 150 million per app.
Wiikli is a company that has aimed to be the biggest in this market.
Wiikli has a different layout compared to other Quiz apps.
They are not just for those who are skilled at Quizzes.
The idea is that customers should learn something and that it will add another dimension.
There will be many different types of quizzes and in various shapes, including a kind of team-quiz where different teams can compete against each other, cities against cities, pubs against pubs, sports clubs against sports clubs to name a few.


Weekly themes


Every week, there is a special theme, and before the tournament starts there will be information where we can read or watch videos about the subject. In this way, we learn a lot about the theme of the week while preparing for the week’s round.
This will be an entertaining way of learning new things that matter while it is, of course, exciting to see how it goes and if you reach one of the week’s finals.

Wiikli takes the quiz to a new level – When a member of Wiikli invites a new customer/member, he/she will increase his / her chances of reaching the final round while creating a viral effect and increasing the customer base.
If a customer or affiliate invites others, both customers and affiliates and any of them join the week’s final, you will do that too. This applies not only to those they invite but in five levels for an affiliate and in two levels for a customer.

A different twist that makes you able to reach the final through your own knowledge, but also with the help of others. Increasing the customer base is important for several things within Wiikli, such as larger profit pots (which attract more customers), increased contributions to various charities, and, in particular, makes matters easier for affiliates, that customers themselves do part of the marketing.


Provision for viral marketing

There are several revenue opportunities with Wiikli and there will be several as they release new products.

There is an important detail with the whole concept that is worth understanding.

A product that is marketed virally is a marketer’s dream, it’s like rolling a snowball down for a hill that just grows and grows. As we described above with the incentive that customers take in customers so as to have another way to this week’s final table, this is one of the most important bases for commissions for an affiliate.

If an affiliate takes in customers who in turn take in new customers, this can go on in an unlimited number of levels. Your affiliate commissions are based on all of these customers.

Special pre-launch offer
Like other companies, Wiikli has a number of benefits to those who become members/affiliates early.
As an additional offer to the 20,000 first affiliates, the following applies:
Wiikli has signed an agreement with a company that has 50 million customers.
All of these customers will enter as customers in Wiikli and you will share
out these to the 20,000 first affiliates in Wiikli.
This means at least 2,500 customers per affiliate.
The requirement is to sponsor at least one affiliate.
As you understand the concept that customers challenge / invite new customers, this is a dream offer.

Starting with Wiikli and having a customer base of 2,500 customers is nothing but a dream start.


Ambition to earn

Everyone will have different ambitions what we want to do with this.
If you want to make it easy, you can add an account to the family and sponsor a person to who may be male/female / child (over 18) / siblings or others.
Should you then add another person to this new account?
then you will have a customer group of 5,000 but get paid at 7,500.
There are many who do not like to recommend things to others.

Here you have the chance of something completely new!

You who worked a little or a lot with marketing earlier, of course, see what’s incredible

power lies in this offer.

This makes the concept easy to market and optimal for the industry.

Wiikli will donate 10% of the surplus to sustainable for children and teens all around the

world. As an Affiliate, you will help us support young people that deserve a better future.

As an Affiliates you will suggest sustainable projects and be part of the decision of which

projects will share thousands of euro. Some elected Affiliates will bring the gift to

sustainable projects, on behalf of all the Affiliates. It will be fun to share!

Wiikli released its first product in the middle of May, Vecko Quiz, which also means that it has its official launch.
More products will be launched during the year.


To find out more about the concept, compensation plan or to join in click this link: Wiiklii





About me…

Welcome to Passive Income For Dummies


My name is Veronica. I’m a 45-year-old single mum from Sweden. I work as a home career ( helping a handicapped person with his/her day to day life).

I have two great kids a dog and 4 ( yes four ) cats…oh and a snake too. And we all live together in Sweden.


I have never been rich but I’ve certainly been better off than I am today. Times are tough and working in healthcare is a sadly underpaid job. So I decided to see if I couldn’t find some way online to make a little more money. Just hoping to make life a little better for myself and my kids. But the more I looked the more scams I saw…

So I decided to make this page both for myself and others to try some things out and see where it gets me. I can’t promise that everything I post is great. But if I try something that’s a scam I will tell you about it.

I will look at everything I find interesting like investments, Cryptocurrency, PTC pages (paid to click), work from home, money saving apps and tips etc.

This is a new journey and I can’t wait to see where it leads.



I want to succeed and I want you to succeed as well so that we can have a better future together with our family and friends.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




Affiliate marketing

As soon as I started looking into ways of making money affiliate marketing came up. A lot of people make a lot of money doing affiliate marketing.

You join up with some company like Amazon or Clickbank and promote their products. Pick a niche, what are you interested in?  Makeup and beauty, sports etc. Build yourself a webpage or blog and promote what you have selected to sell there. Spend some time though and learn how to do it. Don’t get pulled into all get rich quick scams. 
 In the marketing community, it is called the shiny object syndrome (SOS). Everyone is drawn to this idea, but the reality is that you need to learn and apply the skills required to succeed. 

As a beginner, this isn’t so easy so there are quite a few places you can get help to learn how to do it. One of the first ones I tried was  25D1up (   25dollar1up     )

This is what it looks like when you log in

can’t say if its a scam or not, I haven’t spent enough time using it.

When I got into it, it came highly recommended but I Realised I wanted something with even more step by step instructions. So it wasn’t the perfect one for me.


This is a program that is designed as an affiliate marketing program with the aspect of a Network Marketing team building angle isn’t but it still has the affiliate structure in the fact that there are only 2 levels of direct commissions that you can earn.

So to be technical about it, it is an affiliate program that offers digital products.

It is also a marketing system that you can use to build a residual income with a legitimate MLM business as well.

So with the products, training, and tools that you get to be part of the 25 Dollar 1UP program, it is also considered a marketing system designed to help build an MLM program.

It didn’t feel like the right fit for me, but maybe for you?

I know there are lots of others. Builderall is one but I havent tried it so I cant tell you if its any good.

I found a facebook group called FreeInternetMarketingProject or FIMP for short that has free training and info .I havent looked at it in depth but it looks like a good place to start.




But my favourite so far is definately Wealthy affiliate.

They are very friendly and show you how to do everything step by step which is great for a beginner / dummy like me :p

So I recommend them highly!  And its free to try it out for a week so you can test it out and see if its the right fit for you. Actually, you can use the free version as long as you want. But for 7 days you get a great discount on the first month as a premium member if you choose to upgrade.

Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll write a lot more about them in another post coz they deserve a deeper introduction.


Go check them out!!

Oh dont forget that Google Sniper 3.0 ( see link in earlier post) is for this same area too, aimed toward further teaching you how to make money as an affiliate marketer.