A great new investment!

Today I would like to tell you all a bit about Nano bit online.

Nano Bit Online

The idea of Nano Bit Online was born in 2012. In 2013 they set up headquarters and recruited more staff.  The started writing the AI code.

By 2015 the NanoBit Online specialist had studied the bitcoin blockchain and concluded that between 2.78 and 3.79 million BTCs were lost and forgotten about. When Bitcoin first came out it wasn’t worth all that much and a lot got mined and left behind and forgotten. So the team at NanoBit Online developed a unique technology to search for and salvage bitcoin from the long left behind wallets.
Thanks to all this and the rise of bitcoin value NanoBit Online has grown and in 2018 it started using the technology with great success.

By 2020 they want to fully use the AI and to have all salvage and search processes (of the lost bitcoin) automated.

And by 2022 their next goal is to develop and promote their own cryptocurrency, big plans!

Very low minimum investment

So the thing I like about NanoBit Online is that you can make a very small investment. The minimum is 10 dollars. I like that. A lot of things I check ut sound just amazing but the minimum investment is very high. not the case with NanoBit Online.

Here is the official NanoBit Online video: https://youtu.be/4BdHi-kt8rw


I have invested myself and have been paid, so I know it works.

For how long, well who knows but for now it does.

So if you start with the minimum sum 10 dollars, after 10 days you will get your 10 dollars back plus interest which is 11% for the standard package so you get 11,1 dollars back in total. 11% profit in 10 days isn’t bad, right?  There is a calculator on the web page under the investment tab that shows you exactly how much you will get.

So as another example if you invest 499 dollars for 10 days you will earn 54.89 dollars.


The different investment plans:

  • Standard. Investment minimum of 10 dollars, maximum of 499 dollars. It runs for 10 days ( but you don’t earn money during the weekend). you earn 11%. Maximum profit: 54.89$
  • Standard+  Invest between 500-999$. This one runs for 20 days (not weekends) and you get 28% interest. So maximum profit here is 279.72$
  • Golden league  Invest between 1000-9999$. It works for 25 days excluding weekends. So maximum profit here is 4249.57 $
  • And three more ( see pictures below)


So to wrap this one up…

So far I like this one, I like that you can start with a small sum and that it only runs 10 days. That way you can try it out and get comfortable with it. Like I said earlier many of the things I look at start at very high minimum investments and that is just not something I am willing to risk. I want to spread the risk out and try different opportunities.

If this one interests you please join my “team” as the put it on the Nano*Bit Online webpage right here 


Crypto faucets, you can build up unlimited crypto income

There are a bunch of free crypto sites, some where you play games etc and can get rewarded in cryptocurrency, others advertising sites where you get paid cryptocurrency for reviewing other websites. But they are free and if you have patience you can build up income here. How much is up to you and how much you work at it, and the only risk you take is with your time since they are free.

Free crypto faucets and sites

Moon Dogecoin – This is a free faucet site that rewards Dogecoins. You can claim as often as every five minutes if you’d like or once every day. The faucet fills up quickly at first and then slows down. I recommend claiming (at least) once a day because that way you will also get a bonus for using it daily.

There are three different bonuses, the first is the loyalty bonus. When you click every day you get an additional 1% bonus meaning that if you keep it up and get 100% bonus you get double 🙂

The second bonus is the referral bonus. When you refer somebody and they use the faucet daily you get 25% lifetime commission on all their faucet claims! On top of that, you get 1 % bonus for every active referral you have.

( To be considered active you have to claim at least once every 72 hours)

The last bonus is the mystery bonus and how that works is a mystery 🙂

Dogecoin was launched on December 8, 2013. At first, they intended to produce 100 billion Dogecoins, but then later it was announced that they would produce infinite dogecoins.

The claims and referral bonuses get paid into Coinpot. Coinpot is a micro wallet which means it can accept very small cryptocurrency payments (from faucets etc ). If you don’t have an account already you can sign up here ( Its free).


Moon Dash works just like the Dogefaucet with the bonuses and referrals etc.

Moon Litecoin works just like the Dogefaucet with the bonuses and referrals etc.

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Inspired by and technically nearly identical to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin creation and transfer is based on an open source protocol and is not managed by any central authority. After Bitcoin and Ripple, Litecoin is the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. There’s plenty more information about Litecoin here.

Moon Cash works just like the Dogefaucet with the bonuses and referrals etc.

Moon Bitcoin Has the same three bonuses as the other Moon faucets but also two extra. One is the offer bonus – You can boost your faucet earnings even more by completing offers and surveys from the offer wall

For every offer/survey completed within the last 30 days, you will receive a 5% bonus added on to every faucet claim that you make (up to a maximum of 100%). This is in addition to the amount that you will earn immediately just for completing the offer/survey!

The other is the new mining bonus.

As you can see that one is completely optional and to be honest I would recommend not using it. It will probably cost you more in processing power that you will get back.

Cointiply Bitcoin faucet . This page is a little different. You can solve a captcha to roll and get a random amount of coins. This you can do every hour.

There is also a mining game. You can earn coins by playing too, buying and running and upgrading a mine. When you upgrade your game mine you get more mining power. Once you reach mining power 34 you will start earning a coin an hour, logged in or not. And then 1 more coin per hour at 68 so – You will earn 1 Coin per hour per 34 Mining Power.

There are also videos you can watch for coins etc. Cointiply has a loyalty bonus too so make sure to log in daily.

You don’t actually get bitcoin you get coin that you can later get bitcoin or dogecoin for.

There is no fee’s to withdraw and The minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 100,000 Coins.

The minimum FaucetHub withdrawal amount is 35,000 coins.

The minimum withdrawal for DOGE is 50,000 coins.

Just like the Moon faucets, Cointiply has a referral system and you get 25% of every referrals faucet claims FOR LIFE. You will also earn 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings.

If you keep a balance of 35,000 Coins or more you will earn 5% annual interest on your Coin balance. Interest is calculated daily and paid weekly. You can enable interest by going to the settings and turning it on.

Freebitco.in This one of the most popular free faucets. All you have to do is roll. Like Cointiply you can roll once an hour.

They also have a high-low game where you can wager and multiply your btc up to 4750 times if you’re lucky, lose what you’ve earned so far if you’re unlucky.

They also have a lottery.

Like the others, there is a referral bonus.

And if you have a balance of at least 30,000 satoshis (0.0003 BTC) in your FreeBitco.in account you get compounded interest on your full balance every day.

FreeDogeCoin – Same as the bitcoin one above but Dogecoin, no lottery on this one tho or interest if you have a certain balance.

Bitfun You can claim from the faucet every three minutes. There are some games and offers. And as usual some rewards for referrals.

And the last one for today :

Bonus Bitcoin You can claim up to 5,000 satoshis every 15 minutes and they also pay out a 5% daily For referrals you get 50% lifetime commission on their faucet claims.







Great tip for writing blog or webpage content faster

If you decide to try something where you have to write a lot, maybe write an ebook or that blog or web page you have been thinking about but you hate typing or type very slowly then I have a great tip for you.

Use google documents, its free to use and its got this really nice feature that I’m just about to show you.

Go there and start a new document.

Then you click on tools.

And then you can start talking away and it will type for you. It is really easy and helpful and you can create long documents fast and easy.


Good luck


My latest adventure: 50/50 Crowdfunding. Will I get a happy ending?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about 50/50 crowdfunding so I decided to take a closer look.


50/50 Crowdfunding

This company was founded by Canadian David T. Rosen. It didn’t launch until October 2018 but it was registered in august 2017 but then updated in august 2018. A little birdie told me …actually a webinar in Swedish about 50/50 crowdfunding told me that he has been quite ill but is now back in business and with new ideas for his business. 50/50 crowdfunding 2.0 if you will 🙂

Anyway reading about this online is filled with varying opinions. Some say it is a scam and a ponzi scheme others say it is fantastic etc.

As for myself I have made the bold choice and joined in it. And I’ll tell you why shortly.

First of all I want to let you know that I’m not trying to sell you on this , I just want to tell you about my “journey” while trying to make money online. I think everybody has to make their own choices about how to do that and where to spend their money. Oh and I think I have said it before but it is worth repeating..never ever invest money in something like this that you can’t afford to lose. That is really important!. As for myself I don’t have money coming in left and right but I can afford to lose this investment without going without food or anything essential. So I decided to give it a try.

And why? Well that’s easy..that is because a personal friend of mine has been in it for just a week and she invested 250$ and has got 750$ back. In just a week. That just sounds really good to me.


More about the idea

There is no product for sale or service,it is peer to peer crowdfunding. Use it to pay for your new bathroom or wedding, help somebody else do the same. That’s the general idea of it.

So once you join you have two people to donate to. After you do that and at least one of them confirms it you can set up how you like to recive donations.


The Compensation Plan

It’s a 5 tier 2×2 matrix. These can be filled directly or indirectly by upline, you or your downline members.

Payments across all five tiers look like this:

So if you go all out it will cost you 7750$ but you could make 23250$. No guarantees tho remember that!!

You can join one level, or more, Totally up to you.

One thing I do like is that all the donations go from person to person and not to some guy in the middle just raking in the cash you know. You send your donation straight to another person in the programme. That is something they never mention on any of the reviews I have read. A lot of them don’t know that I think.


In conclusion

I think this will work for a while and then fizzle out, but I think right now when it is fresh and buzzed about it will do very well for a while.

I will let you all know. If anybody wants to join my team on this venture please do so here : 50/50 crowdfunding.



John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 2018 review


The first time I watched one of John Crestanis webinars he just blew me away. He is very charismatic and he certainly has the gift of gab. He was born to sell.


Oh, In case you don’t know who John Crestani is, he is very well-known in the affiliate marketing world. He has been in Forbes magazine and Business Insider. He is an affiliate marketing rock star. He is known for getting fired from his job and then building a 500 000$ a month business. The man knows what he is talking about and he has a lot to teach you. (There is a lot to read about him if you’re curious. Google will help you if you ask nicely *wink)

The Super Affiliate System

John Crestani started out making a course – Internet Jetset. The price for Internet Jetset is $47 per month. The Super Affiliate System is $997.

If you start out with Internet Jetset the Super Affiliate System is an up sale. However, if you start out with the Super Affiliate System the Internet Jetset is included.

This program is divided up in sections; week 1 to week 9, And then a bit of other stuff. There are at least 50 hours of content probably more so if you include all the bonus material.

From the beginning, it was meant to be a 6-week course. But since then much more content has been added. Don’t worry about how long it is though the best thing you can do is just to follow it at your own pace and don’t skip any steps. It’s not a race.

Another tip is to join the Facebook group. There’s a nice Community there and it’s a good place to ask questions and learn even more from others going through it all as well.

The contents of the course

This is what you will go over :

  • Week 1: Getting started, setting it all up. (Web page, Your goals, Joining affiliate networks, set up a presell page.)
  • Week 2: Understanding the system, intent, niche, networks etc
  • Week 3: Marketing skills, copywriting. ( how to write good copy, how to optimize adverts etc)
  • Week 4: Google and Facebook ads.
  • Week 5: YouTube and native ads. Native ads are paid ads that sort of fit in with the media in which they appear, it can look like a Facebook post or a blog post for instance.
  • Week 6: Scaling and automation
  • Week 7: More ad campaigns.
  • Week 8: Advanced software and tools.
  • Week 9: More affiliate programmes.
  • The remaining content is: Optimization Diaries, Ready to launch campaigns and Video Archives


It is all divided up into lessons; mostly video: There is also some homework and quizzes:

The material in the done for you ad campaigns is worth a lot; probably more than the price of the Super Affiliates System – so that’s great value and a big help for beginners.

Another thing you get is targeted data ( list of emails of buyers) which is very valuable if you know how to use it. John shows you how to use the lists to set up lookalike audiences ( a feature on Facebook advertising targeting) so that you can market niche related offers. This is pretty great for you.


There really is tons of good content in this system and a lot of potential to make money with it if you follow it and learn.

You get samples of Swipe pages (Ad copy screenshots from different niches) to use for inspiration and Presell pages. Using a presell page can be done with or without Clickfunnels. John teaches both ways.

There are also weekly webinars to look deeper at the training.


John Crestani also teaches you how to acquire more than 900$ of free ad credits from different ad networks.

If you need help there are three options:

  • The helpdesk
  • Email support
  • The Facebook group

To wrap this review up

I think there is a lot to learn from this course. Tons of awesome and really valuable content. And John is a great teacher and very charismatic and captivating. But for me personally, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate. You can read my post about them here.

One reason for that is to be completely honest the price. You get your money worth in Super Affiliate System so it isn’t a scam in any way shape or form. But for some of us, it is a lot of money nonetheless. And at Wealthy Affiliate, you can be a free member or a premium member but that’s still less pricey than SAS.

And my second reason are hidden costs. When I join a programme I prefer a one time cost or a steady monthly fee is OK but I want to know from the start how much it is going to cost me.

One is Clickfunnels. You don’t have to have it but it helps. And that costs 97$ per month. And you will need hosting. And money for advertising. If you are ready for all that tho and ready for aim for the stars I wish you all the luck on your journey and hope you nail this Affiliate marketing.



Saving for the future, you have got to automate

I can hardly believe I’m writing a post about saving money. I have always been a spender and not given much thought to my future pension and savings, but the time has come to make a big change.

Look over your account

First it’s important to know about your money. How much comes in and how much goes out? What do you spend it on ? was that spending necessary or feel good for you? I don’t much like looking too close at this either but if we spend a little time taking a deeper look then we can automate some parts so it happens without effort.

In the last few months, where has your money gone? Do you know? I suggest you log into your bank now and have a good look.

OK now that you have looked and got a clear idea of all the ins and outs of your financial situation I suggest that you open up a few extra savings accounts that doesn’t cost anything. Now you have those you should set out automatic transfers into them right on payday. This is a very good start.

“Most of the people think,

>> (Monthly Earnings minus Monthly Expenses) = (Monthly Savings)

In reality (as per the Billionaire Warren Buffet), it should be,

>> (Monthly Earnings minus Monthly Savings) = (MonthlyExpenses)

So, you should FIRST put your money in savings (=investment) on a monthly basis and THEN start spending for the month from the balance money available to you after your monthly systematic savings/investments.”

So when you get paid first you put money aside for savings. You choose how much you can put away every month but 10% of your salary is recommended. Not all of us can manage to save 10 % but save what you can and remember to put savings away before you start spending. Savings should be thought of as your rent…something that has to be paid. Only it’s for you. For your security and peace of mind.

Once you feel comfortable with this new saving a bit of money every month it might be time to up the game a little.

You won’t get much interest on your savings in those regular savings accounts so maybe you should look into somewhere to invest instead.


There are some really great apps

There are some really great helpful apps you can use to keep track of it all.

  • One is Moneystream – – USA and Canada only ( I think..I can’t find it listed anywhere but the app isn’t available in the Swedish app store.)
  • Another is Mint. – USA and Canada only.
  • And yet another is Qapital which I really like the sound of but isn’t available in the Swedish app store either so I’m guessing USA/ Canada again. The way it works is basically that you hook up your bank to it, and then there are many “triggers” that makes the app save for you. For example, you can set a goal in the app to, lets say, “save money for a holiday” — then you add a so-called “rule” to this goal of yours. Rules are like saving recipes. One of the rules that you can use is called “round up”. It will round up to the nearest dollar on each purchase you make and then save the amount for you. So say you buy a bag for 24.33 $; Qapital will round up the amount of purchase to 25 $ and save the 67 cents for you. This way your savings always depend on your spending: If you are buying things more often you also save more often. That way, the more you spend, the more you save, which is kind of cool.
  • Acorns

And some that are available here in Sweden:

Have a look around and find one that suits you and your needs. Well these first steps towards monthly saving is a good start so best of luck to you.


My bulletinboard

I wanted a bulletin board page where I can just post little snippets about this or that. Maybe a current little tip for something to try or little updates about something. So this is it, the

Bulletin board

OK so today (October 31st, 2018)  I have a tip for you :

Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it’s ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join – so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There’s nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Here is my invite link: https://initiativeq.com/invite/HHFkcB7nX

This link will stop working once I’m out of invites.

It is free to join so the way I see it… I’ve got nothing to lose.

Youtube video with more info



*Update about Wiklii*

Wiklii is now starting to get rolling slowly. A new thing is that you can join as an affiliate for free so I think you should all check this out. It might grow into something really great once its up and running properly. You can read more about it in my original post here.


Make money with ShurAds


Another way to make money online is ShurAds. ShurAds is both an advertising site and a way to earn online. What separates ShurAds from other sites is that you can start for free and earn quite quickly and you don’t have to get referrals.

There are quite a few good things about it that I like really.

  • You start for free
  • You can start earning money pretty quickly
  • It’s simple to use
  • You have optional upgrades to make money
  • There’s advertising ( that you can use too for your own interests)
  • If you want you can build a team to boost income
  • You get rewards for advertising

Overall if you work online ShurAds is pretty good. It’s very easy to start just sign up for a free account and you get to a page that looks like this:


There are three options to choose from you can choose to advertise and earn or just earn if you don’t have anything to advertise. After you chose which one you want to use just click register and you end up on the page with a lot of information on it about how it all works.

You’ll have to pick a four digit code as well as a password to log in after that you have to and confirm your email and that’s it after that you can start using it.

Now you have to start by watching ads to activate your account and start earning but when you join you usually get some free ads so if you have something to advertise just go ahead and do that right away.

In the beginning, you can watch a hundred ads per day. To do that you just click the blue line under the ad that says “click and review for 20 seconds”. That will open up another window with the ad in it after the 20 seconds have passed a code box appears and you have to copy the code into the box to get the credit for watching it.

It’s good to do as many ads as you can, to begin with, because this will help you upgrade your account faster. You need to earn enough to pay for that it takes about 10 days maybe to earn $5 by clicking ads daily. While you are in free affiliate status, you earn $0.00500 per mail ad/website you review.

I like the fact that I can both earn money and get a bit of traffic to my website or whatever else I want to advertise so it’s a win-win really.

Upgrading your account

As a free member, you don’t get any credits for advertising.

If / when you upgrade to basic Builder that cost  4.95 US dollars, the membership package includes

  • 100 mail credits

If you upgrade again to Builder 1 which cost 19.95 US dollars
that package includes

  • 1000 Mail credits
  • One 14 day text add credits
  • And one 14 day banner ad credits

The next upgrade Builder 2 costs 59.95$ and includes

  • 4000 mail credits
  • Five 14 day text ad credits
  • And five 14 day banner ads

And the top upgrade Builder 3 which costs 99.95 includes

  • 10000 mail credits
  • Ten 14 day text ad credits
  • Ten 14 day banner ad credits

That’s good information to know if you’re interested in advertising.

But if you’re not interested in advertising what’s the benefits to upgrading?
well the more you upgrade the shorter time you have to spend watching the advert.
In free mode, you have to watch it for 20 seconds and when you’re in the top upgrade you only have to watch it for 10 seconds. Here is a list of all benefits

If you want to work as an affiliate



Getting Paid

Shureads use cryptocurrency so to get paid you will need a BTC wallet. You can use Wirex for instance.  With Wirex you can get a mastercard that you can use in any store and pay with cryptocurrency.


So if you are interested to join click here to join me at ShurAds.




Top 10 ways of making money online without investing any cash


Affiliate marketing with or without blog or website

Affiliate marketing is a given in this list. Having a website or a blog with good traffic is a bonus if you want to do it without spending any money because it is hard to sell anything without customers.

To become an affiliate marketer you join up with a company. There are so many but some examples are

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Shareasale Etc Those sell products. You can also affiliate with for example web hosting providers or just about anything really but those three examples there are actual products and many other ones are services.

When you become an affiliate you chose what product you want to promote. If you have a website or blog you might pick one that fits into the topic of those otherwise it’s up to you really. Once you have chosen what you want to sell you get a personal link and that tells your affiliate if a sale comes from you.

If you don’t have a website or blog it’s going to be a little harder doing it for free. But if you are really good you can probably promote it in Facebook groups and on Instagram and google plus and Pinterest etc. All over social media.

A good idea to promote it is probably to create a facebook page for that product but if it is an affiliate product that has to be clear so make sure you read facebooks rules.

Here are some suggestions on how to promote your product:

  • You can promote your own website ( where you have posts about your product too)
  • You can make a product review on Youtube ( This is a great way if you are comfortable with being seen and heard )
  • You can join a forum discussion and talk about your product and why it is good etc
  • Social media
  • Direct link sharing

Then if you are willing to spend any money on advertising there is

  • Launch a Pay per click campaign
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook ads Etc


Make a webpage or Blog

This one might sound pretty easy and in some ways maybe it is but in other ways it’s really not. It will take time and effort and you (probably) won’t see any money for a long time.

But it’s all yours and you can talk about what interest you. It can be combined with affiliate marketing but it doesn’t have to be.

The most important thing is that you have good interesting posts on it because the most valuable thing to make money online is people. If you get a lot of people visiting your blog then you are golden.

I’ve talked a little in other posts about how pricey and in some ways hard it can be to start a website or blog and that is why I recommend joining Wealthy affiliate that I have talked about more in-depth Here but if you are a beginner and want to keep it simple you can try Blogger. Its fairly easy to use and it will make your blog look pretty 🙂


Google Adsense

Google Adsense of course ties in with having your own webpage or blog.

It is free to join and it places ads on your page so if you get a lot of traffic to your site and then click on ads you can make a lot of money. It’s not so easy to get approved for Google Adsense. They require that you have a certain amount of post and content and etc. There are plenty of tutorials online about how to get approved.

Once you are approved you get a code that you copy into the HTML code of your page and after that Google Adsense does it all.it tracks your traffic, page views and earnings there is no maintenance or upkeep at all.


Being creative the arts and crafts kind of way

If you are one of those lucky and talented people that are very creative and inventive and good at arts and crafts I envy your talent. I’m one of those people that have an idea in my head and it is so beautiful but when I’m done it never looks the way it did in my head.* Sigh

Anyway if you have a talent for that type of thing you can sell your things on Etsy or Artfire Its really good if you have some unique products. I love coca cola breweriana for example and when I search Etsy for coca cola I just go giddy with excitement. Or Doctor Who. I once bought hand painted Doctor who valentine cards from Etsy, they were really lovely and so special because they were created and not mass produced.

Making and selling your own graphic t-shirts

Selling graphic t-shirts is big business. If you can come up with custom clever sayings or graphics you can use a site like Teespring or Printful or Cafepress / Spreadshirt / Undergroundshirts. You design it and sell it and they make and ship them.


No not flip-flops or flipping pancakes. Flipping is just selling old stuff. Apparently, some people do really well just reselling old stuff. Maybe start out clearing out stuff you don’t use. You know the saying “one mans junk is another man’s treasure”.

That’s a two for one really, you make a bit of cash and you get rid of stuff you don’t use. But if you want to take it up another level there is always auctions, charity shops etc where you can maybe buy nice stuff cheap and sell it on with a little profit. Environmentally friendly too, (Recycling).

Webinars / Courses/ Ebook

If you know a lot about something…Let say marketing for instance then you can use that and sell online courses on Udemy or Teachable. There are more platforms than just those two. Heres a good place to check that out; Course platforms.

Or you could use that knowledge to write an ebook. Write short books on what you know and post them to Amazon’s KDP (Kindle) and/or  Amazon’s Createspace (Softcover).

I read about a guy who studies astronomy and put together an ebook in 2012 about “50 Things to See with a Small Telescope” and his sales have been growing steadily ever since. He says it took him about two months and it was mostly stuff he knew of the “top of his head”


One thing you can do if you can speak English and have a bachelor degree is tutoring. You can earn 14- 22$ an hour teaching Chinese kids English. In China, there are a couple of billion people and they need people to teach them English you’re going to be able to work your own schedule and everything is done online so you can have everything set up. You are going to need a good webcam and headset with a microphone so that you can communicate through the computer, everything is done on the computer so if you have a PC or a laptop you can do this job from anywhere you want to. Have a look here if you are interested.

Another site for tutoring is Tutor.com. They say “Our tutors are teachers, professors, adjuncts, Ph.D. students, and industry professionals, who are all passionate about their areas of expertise and eager to help students learn.” So if any of that fits you then check it out.



It seems to be the writers market these days. If you are a good writer there are so many opportunities out there for you.

Freelancing might be another way to go if you don’t feel like writing your own ebook or making your own website.

You can write anything really. Here are some sites that will pay you for blog posts:

BlogMutt : which is worldwide content ;

CrowdContent : which is available in the UK, Canada, USA, and Australia ;

GreatContent : which is available worldwide ;

Greenlight articles : which is available worldwide

Listverse : which is also available worldwide.

Then there are those who will pay you for poetry posts:

Threepennyreview : which pays around to $200 per poetry submission.

Poetry Foundation : which pays $150

Chicken Soup for the Soul : $200

– and then willow springs magazine : which pays $20

And these sites want product reviews:

– Sponsor reviews

– Review stream

– CIO com

And here’s three more general:

– Text broker

– Hire writer

Words of worth



If you are charismatic and talkative and feel comfortable on cam then youtube could be a goldmine for you. Select a niche you are interested in and start making videos. Or combine it with marketing and do product reviews.

However, if you are more like me not so happy being on cam you can still use youtube. Let’s say you want to start a youtube channel about losing weight. You just load up youtube and start up a search for “lose weight” and similar search words. Then you click on the filter and then creative commons. You can’t use any video you want on youtube but you can do what you want with a video that is listed as creative commons. So now you can download that video and repost it on youtube or on facebook or whatever you want. In the beginning, you won’t have any followers so its good to upload quite aggressively.

And then you finish off by joining google Adsense with the youtube channel you just made or facebook or whatever and hopefully if its an interesting topic you should start getting some traffic. Ps This is totally legal to do as long as the video is creative commons.


Wealthy Affiliate, 2018 How to be the best affiliate marketer you can possible be.

I want to tell you more about one of the very best things I have come across while being on this journey of building up this site and trying to find more ways of making a bit more money.

Make a website

When you go online and research how to make money online or making cash from home etc one suggestion that always comes up is to make a webpage. So you make a webpage about something that you are genuinely interested in and then you write write write. The more the better. This is not a quick solution or really an easy one even if it might sound easy at first. It will take time. It will take research, it will take spellchecks and perseverance and a bit of passion too.

I decided to try it, and a lot of other things but this page isn’t about those other things *smile

So I boldly went where nobody has gone before..erm wait, no I didn’t. I started up a webpage. I struggled with the built-in builder and after a bit, I decided to try another. The next one I liked a lot better but now I realized something new. It can get pricey to build up a webpage. This web host was free but very limited. To actually get to do anything good you had to upgrade to a monthly paying version. I really think stuff like that should be crystal clear from the start. I mean I understand that they are a business looking to make their money too and I don’t mind as long as I know all along what the rules are, you know? Also, you’ll probably need a domain.

So there I am, total beginner at making a ‘proper’ website. I found pretty much  unlimited information online but spread out and all over the place and it was making me lose focus on what I was trying to do with this page. And that is when it happened. While I was researching how to do it I came across a website built by a Wealthy Affiliate member.


Wealthy Affiliate nice to meet you!!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you almost get another family. You get a big community of people that are all here working to succeed and that want you to do the same. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was the one for me. It feels very safe to jump headfirst into a venture like this when you get as much support as you do here at Wealthy Affiliate. We are all different. Some may do really well on their own without any support or guidance but as for me, I needed this place.

I love how there are lessons that show you step by step what to do. I love the enormous collective knowledge that is available from people that know what they are talking about. And I love how everybody is welcomed into the gang.

I mean look at this for instance.

Alright, there’s more to making a good website than all that, but hey its very nice. Check here for more info or to join up

But here are the facts and numbers

As you can see you get 7 free days to try it all out. The free account doesn’t run out after the 7 days either. You can remain a free member for as long as you want actually. But the 7-day countdown is for a discount on your first month as a premium member. If you upgrade to premium during those first 7 days then your first month as a premium member costs 19$.

I like that it’s all out in the open, how much it costs. What you get for your money. If you look at it you get a lot as a premium member.  And if you want the best money value and can afford it then pay yearly ( 359$ )  which is 39% saving vs paying monthly (49$).They actually haven’t changed the pricing since they started the programme in 2005.

So here’s what you get :

  • 50 Websites
  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Website Backup
  • Website Security Package
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  •  Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Live Video Classes
  •  Video Walk-Throughs
  • Keyword Research Tool-(Unlimited Searches)
  • Training Classrooms-((12)
  •  Affiliate Program-(2x Higher Payout)’Earn while you learn’
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Private Access to Owners
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

That’s a lot of good stuff in my opinion. Comparable hosting alone can be up to 250$ per month  I like that the prices have remained the same for 12 years. Another thing I like is that Kyle and Carson that started and run Wealthy affiliate are very much involved and approachable for all members ( They actually started Wealthy Affiliate as a College project ). There are over 1400 000 members now and many of them with a lot of experience and wisdom they are happy to share. On average 1out of 8 upgrades to yearly, depending on the affiliate, and 12% of all free Starter referrals end up going Premium.


To be completely honest with you all

I love being an affiliate here at Wealthy Affiliate and learning while I’m earning but I have promised to be honest with you guys. If any of you follow my link to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up that would make me really happy.Both for your sake and for mine. Even if you join as a free member I would still be happy because you got to join this really great community because of me sharing my story with you and that gives me a warm feeling inside. If you decided to become a premium member well then I would earn some money from that, and that would also make me happy and warm inside for both our sakes 🙂  FULL DISCLOSURE!!

I have read a gazillion reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and I would say its been 99.98 % positive.

The only negative opinion I have come across was that if you are premium and quit then you can’t start up again as a free member, you have to rejoin as a premium member.

I thought I should mention it so that you know all the facts and can make a choice based on that. the way I see it tho is  -what do you have to lose by trying it for free?

Click here if you want to try it out for size.